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Gro Røisland

MissMiniMe has it´s own law.


Dear Friends

I am proud to present MissMiniMe®, a concept that includes high quality dolls and accessories.  MissMiniMe® dolls are designed to be good role models for young children.  I am confident that your child will get a lot of valuable playtime with her new special friend(s). 

As a mother of three grown children, over the last several decades I have noticed that active play has all but disappeared.  Unfortunately, active play has been replaced with idle play on computers, tablets, game consoles, or cellphones.  Children today often meet each other on the Internet, instead of face-to-face, and we rarely see them actively playing together or actively playing alone.

When I grew up in the 1970s, active play was a big part of my life.  My favorite toys were my dolls and I could sit and play with them from early in the morning until late at night.  I could play alone or with my friends.  My dolls looked like me and had long hair that I loved to take care of.  The hours that I spent playing with my dolls have given me a lifetime of valuable memories!

Over the years, I have noticed that these types of dolls have more or less disappeared from the market. Today, you can buy either a baby doll without hair or a diva-doll with too much makeup and bodies that do not reflect a natural healthy girl. This is not the type of image we want our children to think they must achieve in order to be accepted by society or to be successful in life.  This is a key reason for the MissMiniMe® dolls.  MissMiniMe® dolls reflect a healthy body image and have beautiful long hair for children to style. The hair can also be cut to match the hairstyle of the child who receives the doll.  Our matching clothes are designed to fit children from size 4 to 10.

Like many adults, I am concerned about the welfare of our children. We want to give them a childhood full of love, safety, and harmony in the hope that this will give them a safe haven of good memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Childhood is short and it is important to keep ahold of it as long as possible.

It is important for children to know that they are all unique and valuable, just the way they are!  MissMiniMe® provides many different doll options so that children can find a doll that looks like them in skin-color, hair-color, and eye-color.  Children can play with their new doll throughout their childhood and hopefully, keep her with them for the rest of their lives.

With best regards,

Gro Røisland

MissMiniMe was established in 2014

MissMiniMe® designs and produces high quality dolls with beautiful clothes and accessories.  As indicated by the name, MissMiniMe® provides many different doll options so that children can find a doll that looks like them in skin-color, hair-color, and eye-color.  The dolls can be dressed in a rich collection of quality clothing and accessories with part of the collection having matching girls’ sizes (size 4-10).  Mix and Match!

Our goal is to always deliver safe products

MissMiniMe® products are manufactured in China at our selected factories. We have examined the factories and the products to ensure high quality is achieved at all levels. The products are all carefully tested according to EN 71-1 / 71-2 / 71-3 and REACH* regulations, which are directives for protection against hazardous chemicals and environmental measures.  All tests are performed by internationally approved and accredited laboratories.  The products are CE marked, while the packaging is FSC certified. Our goal is to always deliver high quality safe products.