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MissMiniMe®dolls are produced in China by our carefully selected producers. We strive for quality at all levels so ee have personally examined the factories and products. The products are carefully tested according to EN 71-1/ 71-2/ 71-3 and REACH regulations. REACH is a EU Directive that is an environmental measure for protection against hazardous chemicals. Internationally approved and accredited laboratories perform all tests and the products are CE marked, while the packaging is FSC certified. Our goal is always to deliver safe products.

MissMineMe products must not be used by children under 3 years of age. MissMiniMe products may contain small parts which could represent a choking hazard. We recommend MissMiniMe dolls and accessories for children age 6 to 99.

All doll clothes from MissMiniMe must be hand washed in lukewarm water with mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Squeeze the garment carefully to remove excess water and then air dry. Dryer must not be used.

Earth Positive Service Package
All mailings over 350 g. will be sent as Klimanøytral Servicepakke. Price NOK 125.

Free shipping on orders over NOK 1600!

Mini Packages
Orders under 350 g.  will be sent as A-post. Price NOK 45.


Would you like to order items for delivery outside of Norway? Please contact our customer service department Kundeservice to make arrangements and to receive a shipping estimate.

The MissMiniMe webshop will also be available for direct trade with Denmark, Sweden, and several other countries in Europe. Until further notice, please place all purchase orders directly with our customer service department Kundeservice.

MissMiniMe will also accept orders from abroad, please call customer service +47 815 800 80 for more info. Open from 08:00 until 16:00.

When you checkout, you will get the option of paying with Klarna or PayPal.

  • Klarna offers billing, account, payments and credit card payments. If you have an account with PayPal, you may prefer to use their service.
  • With Klarna Checkout you only need to enter your e-mail to complete the purchase with your card (credit and debit cards). If you choose to pay by invoice or account / partial payment must be included. With a PayPal account, you only need to enter your email and password.

Ønsker du å benytte en annen betalingsmåte - vennligst kontakt kundeservice for nærmere avtale.

Angrettloven gjelder for alle kjøp hos Hvis du vil benytte deg av angreretten, må du sende oss utfylt angreskjema senest 14 dager etter at du har mottatt varene.

In order to return an item for a full refund, the item must be unused, in the original packaging, and in the same condition as when you received it.

Right of return applies to all purchases made at To take advantage of the right of return, you must send us the completed order cancel form no later than 14 days after you have received your goods.

In order for you to receive a full refund for your returned item, all items must be unused and in their original packaging.  All items must be returned  in the same condition as they are received.

The purchase you make with is not finished until you have received and are happy with the goods that you ordered. We have a free exchange policy that allows you to exchange any item for up to 14 days after you receive it.

Of course, we hope that you want to keep the item(s) that you have ordered from, but if for any reason you want to return an item you can do so and receive a full refund. All items must be returned to us no later than 14 days from the date that you received your purchase.  If the goods were paid for by credit card the amount of purchase will be refunded to your card as soon as we receive the returned product.

Should you discover a problem with any item that you receive from us please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email so we can get the error corrected. We ask that you use our contact form or call our customer service at +47 815 800 80.

Returning merchandise to MissMiniMe is the financial responsibility of the customer.

Return address is:

PO Box 19
4855 Froland

If making a return, the exchange form must be used.

Standard conditions of sale for consumer goods purchased over the Internet applies. The contract is prepared and recommended for use by the Consumer Ombudsman.


Your purchase is regulated by the below sales conditions for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. Consumer sales refers to the sale of goods to consumers who are not acting primarily in business activities, and when the seller is in business with the sale of goods over the Internet. The contract is prepared and recommended for use by the Consumer Ombudsman.

The contract, consumer laws, marketing laws, and commerce laws mainly regulate consumer purchases made over the Internet. These laws give the consumer absolute rights. Terms of the contract should not be construed as a limitation of the statutory rights, but gives major parties' rights and obligations for trade. The seller may choose to offer the buyer better terms than those stated in the sales conditions.

In cases where the contract does not directly provide the solution to a problem, the contract must be supplemented with relevant statutory provisions.

  1. Agreement

The agreement between the buyer and seller consists of information that the seller provides for purchases from the site (including without limitation information about the nature, quantity, quality, other characteristics, price, and delivery terms), any direct correspondence between the parties (i.e. e-mail), as well as sales conditions.

Inconsistencies between the information the seller has provided for the purchase of goods in the online store, direct correspondence between the parties, the terms of the sale conditions, the direct correspondence between the parties and the information given is primary, as long as it does not conflict with binding legislation.

2. Parties


GR-Trading AS, Bark Silasvei 5, 4876 Grimstad

E-post: Phone 815 800 80
Organisationnumber: 913 423 364

Buyer is the individual placing the order.

  1. Prices

Prices quoted in the online store include VAT.

Information on the total cost the buyer must pay, including all taxes (VAT, customs, etc.), delivery costs (freight, shipping, billing fees, packaging, etc.), and the specifications of the individual elements of the total price, are given before order is made. (Product Supplies to Svalbard or Jan Mayen will be sold without the addition of VAT [see photo note 1]).

  1. Contracts

The agreement is binding for both parties when the seller receives the buyer’s order.

A party is not bound by the agreement if there has been a writing or typing error in the quotation from the seller or in the buyer's order and the other party realized or should have realized that there was such a mistake.

  1. Order Confirmation

Once the seller receives the buyer's order, the seller shall, without undue delay, confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to the buyer.

It is recommended that the buyer verify that the order confirmation matches the order with respect to number, product type, price, and so on. If there is a discrepancy between the order and the order confirmation the buyer should contact the seller as soon as possible.

  1. Payment

The seller may demand payment for goods at the time the order is sent to the seller from the buyer.

If the buyer uses a credit card (see footnote 2) or debit card (see footnote 3) for payment, the seller may reserve the purchase price on the card for up to 4 days from the time of the order (see photo note 4).

When paying by credit card, the law on credit may apply (see photo note 5).

The seller offers, after billing, the invoice issued to the buyer for the shipment of goods. Maturity date shall be set to a minimum of 14 days from when the buyer receives the shipment.

The seller may demand advance payment from the buyer, for example the manufacturing of a special purchase.

Buyers under 18 years can only pay directly at the seller's delivery of the goods by cash on delivery (see photo note 6).

  1. Delivery m.v.

Delivery of goods, from the seller to the buyer, happens in the way, to the place, and at the time specified in the order in the online store.

If the delivery time is not stated in the order, the seller shall deliver the goods to the buyer within a reasonable time, but not later than 30 days after the order from the customer.   The seller shall ensure that the goods are sent to the buyer, and is obliged to get the items shipped to the buyer’s destination in an appropriate manner and on the usual terms for such transportation. The destination is the buyer unless otherwise agreed to between the parties.

  1. The Risk of Goods

The risk of goods passes to the buyer when the goods are taken over by the buyer under the agreement. If the delivery time has passed and the buyer fails to acquire an item that is placed the buyer has at his disposal the agreement.


  1. Withdraw

The buyer may cancel the purchase of a product (see photo note 7). Withdraw means the buyer has a reason to return the goods to the seller even if there is no defect in the goods and even if it is not delivered.

The buyer must give the seller notice of the right of withdrawal within 14 days after the goods have arrived in accordance with the information on the right of withdrawal and return form. After receiving the buyer regret form, and the required information after the delivery of the goods, the withdrawal period starts to run from the day the buyer receives the return form and information. The buyer has not received sufficient information or Withdraw form, the withdrawal period still go esout 3 months after the item is received. If the buyer has not received information about the withdrawal at all, the deadline will be 1 year.

The message from the buyer to the seller for use of the right of withdrawal should be consideration of evidence in writing (Withdraw form, e-mail, fax or letter) and must contain information on how the buyer will return the item to the seller.

Using undo court Item must be returned to the seller within a reasonable time. The seller is obligated to refund the full purchase price to the buyer within 14 days from the day the seller receives the goods or retrieve note or goods are placed at the seller's disposal. The seller cannot set fees for the buyer's use of the right of withdrawal, but the seller may require the buyer to pay the return costs.

The buyer may examine the product before he or she returns the purchase. The product must still be delivered back to the seller in the same condition and quantity as it was in when the buyer received it. The buyer should send the item back to the seller in the original packaging, if possible.

The buyer cannot regret the purchase of goods which deteriorate rapidly, goods which by their nature can ot be returned, or sound and video recordings (including CDs, DVDs) or computer applications where the seal is broken. The latter exception applies only if the seller clearly stated whether the conditions for withdrawal of the right of withdrawal on the seal.

  1. Examination of the goods

When the buyer receives the item, it is recommended that he or she, to a reasonable extent, examine whether it complies with the order, if it has been damaged during transport, or if it is otherwise lacking.

If the item does not match the order or is missing, the buyer must notify the seller when complaints cf. Clause 11 of the contract.

  1. Complaints of lack and the deadline to submit claims for delay

If there is a defect in the goods, the buyer must within a reasonable time after he or she discovered it, give the seller notice that he or she will return the defect. The deadline cannot be shorter than two months from the time the consumer discovered the defect. Complaints can still happen later than two years after the buyer took the goods. If the goods, or parts of the goods, are supposed to last considerably longer, the warranty period is five years.

The delay requirements must be selling within a reasonable time after the delivery time has come and the goods are not delivered.

If the item is paid by credit card, the buyer may also choose to submit claims directly to the creditor (credit card company) (see photo note 8).

Messages to the seller or the creditor should be in writing (e-mail, fax or letter).

  1. Buyer's Rights by Delay

If the seller does not deliver the goods in accordance with the agreement between the parties, and this is not due to the buyer, the buyer, according to the rules of consumer Chapter 5 circumstances, may withhold payment, demand fulfillment, terminate the contract, and claim damages from the seller.

Fulfillment: If the seller does not deliver the goods at the time of delivery, the buyer may insist on the purchase and set a reasonable deadline for compliance from the seller. The buyer cannot demand performance if there is an obstacle that the seller cannot overcome or if compliance would result in such a large inconvenience or cost to the seller that there are significantly disproportionate to the buyer's interest in the seller meets.

Termination: The buyer may cancel the agreement with the seller if the delay is significant or if the seller does not deliver the goods within the extended deadline for fulfillment as the buyer has specified. The purchaser may not terminate the contract while the deadline expires, unless the seller has said he or she did not meet the deadline.

Replacement: The buyer may also claim compensation for losses they suffer as a result of the delay from the seller's side cf. Consumer § 24.

Buyer must submit claims to the seller when complaints cf. This contract section 11.


  1. Buyer's Rights by Lack

If an item is defective and this is not due to the seller or the buyer, the buyer, according to the rules of consumer law, Chapter 6 in the circumstances may withhold payment, choose between rectification and replacement, demand reduction, or require the agreement raised and compensation from the seller.

Correction or replacement: If the item has a defect, the buyer may require the seller fix or replace the corresponding item. The seller may refuse the buyer's requirement if the implementation of the requirement is impossible or causes the seller unreasonable costs.

Seller shall make no law or replacement within a reasonable time. Corrections or replacements shall be made at no cost to the buyer, without the risk that the buyer will not have their expenses reimbursed and without significant inconvenience to the buyer. Seller cannot make more than two attempts at correction or replacement of the same deficiency, unless there are special reasons that make further attempts reasonable.

If the buyer does not require repair or replacement, the seller can offer correction or replacement without delay. If the seller provides for such repair or replacement, the buyer may not demand a price reduction or cancellation.

Price reduction: If the deficiency is not corrected or replaced, the buyer may claim a proportional price reduction.

Elevation: Rather than discount the buyer may terminate the contract, except when the defect is immaterial.

Replacement: The buyer may also claim compensation for financial losses they suffer as a result of a faulty product. See. Consumer § 33.

Buyer must submit claims to the seller when complaints cf this contract section 11. The rules concerning complaints shall in addition to, and independent of, the rules on withdrawal and any guarantees by the seller.


  1. The Seller's Rights by the Buyer Default

If the buyer fails to pay or meet other obligations under the agreement, and this is not due to the seller or conditions of the seller, the seller in accordance with the rules of consumer law, Chapter 9 in the circumstances withhold the goods, demand fulfillment of the agreement require the agreement raised and compensation from buyer. The seller may also charge interest on overdue payments, collection charges, and charges related to non-prepaid unclaimed goods.

Fulfillment: If the buyer fails to pay, the seller can insist on the purchase and demand that the buyer pays the purchase (fulfillment). If the goods are not delivered, the seller loses his right if he delays unreasonably before submitting his claim.

Elevation: The major payment default or other material breach by the buyer, the seller may terminate the contract. The seller cannot increase after the price has been paid.

The seller may also cancel the purchase if the buyer does not pay within a reasonable extension deadline set by the seller. The seller cannot increase the deadline after it has expired, unless the buyer has declared that he or she will not pay.

Replacement: The seller may claim damages from the buyer for financial losses they suffer as a result of breach of contract from the buyer's side cf. Consumer § 46.

Interest on overdue payment / collection fee: If the buyer fails to pay the purchase price under the agreement, the seller may claim interest of the purchase price under the Act on Interest on Overdue debt. Insufficient payment claim may, after prior warning, be sent to a collection agency, and the buyer can then be held responsible for charges under the Act on debt collection and other collection of overdue claims (see photo note 10).

Charge for unclaimed non-prepaid goods: If the buyer fails to collect unpaid goods, the seller may charge the buyer a fee of £ + shipping trip / return. The fee shall cover a maximum of seller's actual disbursements for delivering the goods to the buyer. Such fees cannot be charged to buyers under 18 years (see photo note 11).

  1. Warranty

Guarantee given by the seller or producer, girl purchaser rights in addition to the rights the buyer already has under applicable law. A guarantee thus involves no restrictions on the buyer’s right to claim and claims for delay or missing in paragraph 12 and 13.

  1. Personal information (see photo note 12)

Unless the buyer agrees otherwise, the seller can only collect and store the personal data that is necessary for the seller to carry out obligations under the Agreement. The personal data of a buyer, under 15 years of age, cannot be obtained unless the seller has the consent of parents or guardians. Purchaser personal data may only be disclosed to others if it is necessary for the merchant to implement the agreement with the buyer, or legal case.

The seller can only collect the buyer's social security if there is an objective need for secure identification and such acquisition is necessary.

If the seller will take the buyer's personal data for other purposes, for example to send the buyer advertising or information beyond what is required to implement the agreement, the seller must obtain consent of the buyer at the conclusion of the Agreement. The seller must give the buyer information about what personal information will be used and who will use the personal information. Buyer's consent must be voluntary and emitted by an active action, such as by check.

The buyer should be able to easily contact the seller, for example by telephone or e-mail, if he or she has questions about the seller's use of personal data or if he or she wants the seller to delete or modify personal information.

  1. Conflict Resolution

Parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes amicably. The buyer can contact the Consumer Council for assistance in a dispute with the seller. If no amicable solution is reached after mediation in the Consumer Council, the parties may request in writing that the Consumer Council promotes the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Commission (see footnote 13). Resolution of Consumer Disputes Commission is enforceable four weeks after reaching. Before the decision is enforceable, the parties may, upon submission of the subpoena to the Consumer Disputes Commission, the decision reviewed by the district court.



  1. Sr Law of 19 June 1969 nr. 66 VAT § 16.
  2. A credit card is a payment card where the consideration for the acquisition is made afterwards by that credit encoder (credit card company) sends the cardholder an invoice demanding payment.
  3. A debit card is a credit card linked to a deposit account. Use of the card means that the user's account will be charged and the amount is transferred to the payee's account.
  4. Cf.. Model Convention prepared by the Joint Committee on Contract Savings Banks Association and Financial Services Confederation - Terms and Conditions for credit cards and charge cards - consumer relationships paragraph 12 and pattern conditions prepared by the Banks Association and Financial Services Confederation for debit point 11.
  5. Act of 21 June 1985 no. 82 on credit, etc.
  6. People under 18 can only pay in the aforementioned ways as they can not accumulate debts cf. Act of 22 April 1927 on the guardianship of infants (vgml.) § 2.
  7. Act of 21 December 2000 no. 105 on information and withdrawal etc. by remote sales and sales outside a permanent sales (consumer law).
  8. Law of 21 June 1985 no. 82 on credit, etc. § 8.
  9. Act of 17 December 1976 no. 100 relating to interest on overdue payments.
  10. Act of 13 May 1988 no. 26 on debt collection and other collection of overdue claims.
  11. Charges may not be required under 18s when these debts can not see. Vgml. § 2.
  12. See Law of 14 April 2000. 31 on the processing of personal data.
  13. See Act of 28 April 1978 no. 18 of the treatment of consumer disputes.

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